By Stan Bush

WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. (CBS4)– Wheat Ridge police say they have a true mystery on their hands.

Investigators in the Denver suburb have received dozens of reports of a loud “boom” happening overnight.

Neighbors have said the noise, which some describe as an explosion or a gunshot, only happens once around 3 a.m. typically over the weekend. The noise, according to reports, only happens once, but has been occurring for months now.

(credit: CBS)

“I was dead asleep and ‘What was that?’ and then I’m back asleep. Now it seems like even more of a mystery,” says Sara Anthony of Wheat Ridge. “You can hear it a ways away, but it’s loud enough to wake me up.”

(credit: CBS)

Police say they do not know where the noise is coming from. Witnesses have reported it online, but have not called 911 when it happens, so there is not a good record of when it occurs.

(credit: CBS)

The noise, some speculate, could be a malfunctioning electrical transformer, or a homeowner firing a gun. Some neighbors say they worry the noise is something not so easily explained.

DECEMBER 2017 REPORT: Mysterious Booms Around World Now Heard In Colorado — But There May Be An Explanation

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  1. “You can hear it a ways away, but it’s loud enough to wake me up.”

    Too many people are being given a platform…the sole purpose of which seems to be allowing unremarkable people to demonstrate how poor their language skills are.

  2. Wendy Ross says:

    We are in Kennebunk Maine and have experienced the same booms. Sounds like fireworks but you know it’s not as fireworks are outlawed. Plus people are reporting hearing them in about a 5-10 mile radius…spooky!

  3. James Nelson says:

    That’s it! I am moving to Colorado!!! These commenters are smoking the GOOD stuff!!! LOL

  4. You are all very close. but no cigar… the Booms are from UFO’s that your Military industrial complex have designed. Yes. sir. This Booms can get very loud. I have heard them very soft too and I know that they have cloaking capabilities. Yes. DARPA and the gang are behind it. They also have DEW.. just re-examine the Russian plane that went down.. That is a Directed Energy Weapon. Do they have DUMBS?? yes they do and they are run by geo-thermal energy.

  5. Kelly Taylor says:

    I fart really loud at night and live not far from there. Hope it isn’t my angry ass.

  6. What about destruction of the DUMBs?

  7. Gee King says:

    There has been all sorts of building going on underground for decades. There is a rail system just for big shots in Washington so they don’t have to use regular airplanes like the rest of the country. It’s one of those magnetic rail things and it goes really fast. If you want something to keep you up at night, live where fracking is going on. Your floor and bed carry vibrations from it. Yes, your bed vibrates, then here come the earthquakes.

  8. Think classified DARPA projects. Do we think that they would retire the SR-71 Blackbird without having it’s replacement? We’re staring down the barrel of WW III and sonic booms, especially out west should be something to consider since we KNOW that they’ve already replaced these aging aerospace weapons with new aerospace weapons.

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