TRINIDAD, Colo. (CBS4) — A tiny puppy, so new to the world that its eyes were still closed and its umbilical cord was still attached, was rescued by a trooper who found it alone outside the Colorado State Patrol office in Trinidad.

(credit: Teresa Clark)

“The puppy was crying… all alone – no one, no mama dog or other puppies in sight,” Noah’s Ark Animal Welfare Association (NAAWA)wrote on Facebook. “The officer decided to take the puppy to the closest veterinarian clinic for help.”

After getting immediate medical care at Fisher’s Peak Veterinary Clinic, a volunteer “foster mom” named Teresa Clark took over.

Clark named the puppy “Trooper” after his rescuer.

“The state patrol trooper who found him is an unsung hero. He or she rescued this puppy in a remarkable way. Our local patrol office is actually located right next to busy I-25 at exit 11, so it’s a bit of a miracle the pup’s cries could be heard among the traffic noise,” Laurel Young, NAAWA Executive Director, stated. “We would love the opportunity to know the name of his rescuer to say thank you and recognize their good work at giving Trooper a very good chance at life.”

Clark said Trooper easily latched on to a bottle of puppy formula and is steadily gaining weight.

(credit: Teresa Clark)

In fact, Clark said he has been doubling in size every week! He weighed just 3 ounces when he was found and now, almost three weeks later, he weighs over 12 ounces.

(credit: Teresa Clark)

“His favorite things to do are eat and sleep. He especially loves to sleep on his back with his belly exposed. I’ve never seen a puppy do this as often as Trooper,” Clark was quoted as saying.

(credit: Teresa Clark)

To help soothe Trooper between feedings, he uses a pacifier.

(credit: Teresa Clark)

He also likes to snuggle up to fuzzy stuffed animal companions.

(credit: Teresa Clark)

NAAWA officials said Trooper will be available to adopt — “unless he becomes what is called a ‘foster failure’ and his foster mom ends up adopting him for herself.”

If you would like to help support NAAWA, you can donate an item from the shelter’s baby shower registry on Amazon or visit the Noah’s Ark website.




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