By Matt Kroschel

PARK COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – On Wednesday, investigators with Park County and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation updated the public about the murder of Maggie Long.

Long’s remains were found in her family’s burned home near Bailey in December. They’ve declared the case a homicide.

“I understand your frustrations with this case,” Park County Sheriff Fred Wegener said.

He says he wanted to say more early on, but couldn’t as they scrambled to figure out what happened and who was responsible.

“Yes, I would say we would’ve like to get out earlier. There was a reason we had to wait,” said Wegener.

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Debra Yates and her daughter came here looking for answers. They want to know why the sheriff’s office first told the community they didn’t find a body inside the Long home.

Debra Yates (credit: CBS)


“I’m angry. It’s been… for two months, they have not come out and said anything. They call this big press conference. Everybody comes and he just reiterates everything we already know,” said Yates.

“I don’t think they purposely lied. We didn’t want to say exactly who it was,” Wegener said.


Maggie Long (credit: Facebook)

Investigators would not say how many people they have interviewed or if they have any suspects right now.

They say no arrest has been made, and for the public to call police with additional information about Long’s death. There is a $20,000 reward for anyone with information that leads to a conviction.

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Colorado Bureau of Investigation Director John Camper says a large green safe, jade figurines, a handgun and AK47 style of firearm were stolen during this crime.

“Based upon the information we have gathered we are very confident that there is no threat out there to anyone else,” said Wegener.

“A member of our community was murdered. I would disagree that there’s no threat to our community. There’s obviously a threat. Maggie was part of our community. She’s no longer with us,” said one of Maggie’s friends.

Investigators could not say much about the case adding to speculations about who might have killed the Platte Canyon High School student.

Park County Sheriff Fred Wegener (credit: CBS)

“We want to find the individuals responsible,” Wegener said.

Long was expected to attend a concert at her school, but she never showed up.

In the days following her death, investigators issued an alert to for law enforcement officers to watch  for a late model 1990s to 2000 light-colored minivan possibly driven by a white male in his 20s who is heavily armed with weapons and ammunition.

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The driver may have suffered flash burns in the fire. Investigators believe that gasoline was taken from the home, along with a large case, AK47, 2,000 rounds of ammunition for a 7.62 and 9mm Beretta. They consider the suspect armed and extremely dangerous.

A judge issued a gag order in the case in the days following the discovery. That has been lifted.

Anyone with any information is asked to call this tip line at 303-239-4243.

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