COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – Colorado Springs police updated the public on a shooting that killed a detective and injured three other officers and a civilian on Monday night.

Police say detectives in plain clothes who are part of the “Beat Auto Theft Through Law Enforcement,” also known as B.A.T.T.L.E., found a previously reported stolen vehicle from Colorado Springs.

The task force is made up of officers from the police department, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office and the Colorado State Patrol.

springs ois intro transfer frame 94 CSPD Identifies Suspect In Shooting That Killed Detective

(credit: CBS)

Police say the detectives planned to arrest 19-year-old Manuel Zetina in the stolen vehicle in an apartment complex parking lot in order to avoid a police chase.

They say a vehicle theft task force had Zetina under surveillance for some time throughout the area before they tried to arrest him.

They say after approaching Zetina, a fight broke out and the suspect pulled out a handgun and began shooting. Three detectives shot back at Zetina.

micah flick 2 via epc sheriff CSPD Identifies Suspect In Shooting That Killed Detective

Deputy Micah Flick (credit: El Paso County Sheriff’s Office)

It was then when Detective Micah Flick was shot and killed.

A woman who didn’t want to be identified was napping in her apartment.

“I woke up to a very loud banging on my door, and someone screaming let me in, let me in,” she told CBS4.

She showed where bullets entered her apartment.

springs ois 6pkg transfer frame 700 CSPD Identifies Suspect In Shooting That Killed Detective

(credit: CBS)

Detectives Scott Stone and Jake Abendschan were both injured by gunfire. Stone was in stable condition on Tuesday morning and Abendschan was treated and released from the hospital Monday night.

scott stone jake abendshan copy CSPD Identifies Suspect In Shooting That Killed Detective

El Paso County Deputies Scott Stone and Jake Abendschan (credit: El Paso County)

The detective with the police department is identified as Marcus Yanez. He’s been with the department since Oct. 2007. He’s been released from the hospital.

Investigators found the suspect’s handgun at the scene.

Michael DeRossett told CBS4 he saw the incident take place.

springs ois 6pkg transfer frame 1042 CSPD Identifies Suspect In Shooting That Killed Detective

Michael DeRossett (credit: CBS)

“The officer who was shot was shot in the throat. They ran up on him and he turned and they fired. They never yelled police,” DeRossett said.

The man claims the suspect might not have known they were police, but Sheriff Bill Elder says differently.

“These were plain clothes detectives, but they were wearing clearly identifiable placards front and back that identified themselves as police officers. They all had badges around their necks,” he said.

springs ois 6pkg transfer frame 1864 CSPD Identifies Suspect In Shooting That Killed Detective

(credit: CBS)

Kimberly Founds brought her two young children to the sheriff’s office.

“I just put it in persepctive. He was a daddy, and he was trying to protect us,” she said she told her children.

A sheriff’s vehicle with Detective Flick’s picture on a window is now being covered in bouquets and flags.

The civilian was also identified. Police say the man was shot and is being treated at a hospital.

The other detectives involved have been placed on routine administrative leave.

Anyone with information or is a witness to this investigation is asked to call the Colorado Springs Police Department at (719) 444-7000; or if you wish to remain anonymous, you may call Crime Stoppers Tip Line at (719) 634-STOP (7867) or 1-800-222-8477.

Officials say funeral arrangments for Flick will be held on Saturday at 1 p.m. at New Life Church at 11025 Vayager Parkway in Colorado Springs.

Flick’s family released a statement Tuesday night:

“Husband, Father, Son, Grandson, Brother, Uncle, Nephew. Our Beloved Micah Flick.

It is with immeasurable pride and unfathomable grief that we remember the incredible sacrifice that Micah made in service to our community and country.

Micah was truly passionate about helping those who could not help themselves. Knowing the risks, he pursued that mission with all he had. Our family is grieving the loss of a hero; a man who reacted instantaneously and selflessly to protect the public and fellow law enforcement officers.

We are also grieving the loss of a truly wonderful man who was many different things to many different people. Above all, he was a man who loved Jesus, loved his family and lived life with zeal, hunger and passion.

As a family, we thank the communities of Colorado Springs, El Paso County, the State of Colorado and our entire Nation for the abundance of love that has been poured out. We would also like to thank the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office for their tireless and heartfelt support and guidance as we navigate this chapter in our lives.

We take comfort in knowing that Micah’s legacy will be his faith in God and his deep, rich character that will continue to shine in the hearts and lives of his wife, Rachael and their two children, whom he loved with his whole heart.”

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