CASTLE ROCK, Colo. (CBS4) – Hundreds of people came to show support for Deputy Zack Parrish who was killed in the line of duty more than a month ago.

zack parrish 5k 10 from george brauchler tweet Hundreds Show Up For 5K Honoring Deputy Zack Parrish

(credit: 18th Jud Distct DA)

The Douglas County sheriff lead the first wave of a 5K race in Parrish’s honor.

Law enforcement from all over the Denver metro area signed up, including Lakewood Police, West Metro SWAT and the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

zack parrish 5k 4 from 18th jud distct da tweet Hundreds Show Up For 5K Honoring Deputy Zack Parrish

(credit: 18th Jud Distct DA)

Parrish’s wife, Gracie, was also there. She spoke to the crowd and thanked them for all of the support.

deputy parrish 5k sotvo transfer frame 152 Hundreds Show Up For 5K Honoring Deputy Zack Parrish

Gracie Parrish (credit: 18th Jud Distct DA)

“The words ‘Thank you’ don’t seem adequate as a way to describe the way I feel. You’ve blown me away with your generosity and love. So, even though these two words fall short of everything that you’ve done for me from the bottom of my heart I thank each and every one of you for supporting me and loving me so well during the worst season of my life,” said Gracie.

Money raised from Saturday’s event will go toward the Parrish family and the Fallen Officer’s Fund.

Comments (2)
  1. Ann Pirie says:

    We will never ever forget and her is the beginning of that proof.

  2. Michael Corn says:

    It is sad to lose any human life, but to continually follow the same story brings into focus the false focus of our society. So many more occupations, such as a truck driver, pilots, or garbage men lose their lives doing the work of society, but do not get hours of coverage on news broadcasts and millions of dollars of tax money.
    I got stuck for an hour in Lafayette when the police stopped all traffic and every law enforcement, medic, tow truck, fire and paramedic for hundreds of miles followed the hearse, not even knowing the victim, but just following “tradition” and showing how they are above the law and disregard the public.
    When we stopped drafting men into the armed forces, we began to isolate society from the dangers of the corporation 1% wars. Why do we then hire war vets preferably, into the killing thug gangs we call police?

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