DENVER (CBS4) – Girl Scout Cookie season kicks off in the Denver metro area this Sunday.

Each box of Girl Scout Cookies someone buys helps girls develop lifelong skills, and buyers can choose to donate some boxes to nonprofits food banks and to the military.

(credit: Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Girl Scouts of the USA)

Girl Scout Junior Bella Kendrot of Windsor joined CBS4 This Morning Friday to talk about sales this year.

“This year we’re bringing back the S’Mores cookie and Toffee-tastics,” Kendrot said.

Kendrot’s mom Amanda leads her daughter’s troop, and said the sales of the cookies “gives them exposure to people skills and helps them talk to adults.”

“I feel like in a world where so much is done on technology and kids have their head in their phone, I love that my girls learn to walk up to an adult, look them in the eye and say ‘Hi, how are you, would you like a box of cookies?'” said Amanda.

(credit: CBS)

Amanda said the kids also learn about goal setting and money management.

The money raised by the cookie sales in Colorado goes towards opportunities for travel and other adventures for the Girl Scout troops. If Bella’s troop raises enough money they’ll get to go to Great Wolf Lodge in Colorado Springs.

Bella and her mom differ on their favorite cookies. Bella’s is Samoas and Amanda’s is Do-si-dos.

“I feel like some people overlook it, but it’s a great cookie with a glass of milk,” Amanda said.

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