DENVER (CBS4) – A new zoo baby is making its public debut in Denver on Thursday.

zoo6 Baby Sloth Is Born At Denver Zoo

(credit: CBS)

An as-of-yet unnamed sloth baby was born on Sunday. The zoo reports the mother — Charlotte — and baby are doing great. So is the dad Elliot.

PHOTO GALLERY: Baby Sloth Born At Denver Zoo

The sloth is of the type called a Linnaeus’s two-toed sloth. Charlotte, whose “last name” is Greenie, was brought to the zoo in 2015 and introduced to Elliot soon afterwards. Elliot arrived in 2007, according to Morrison, and was excited to meet Charlotte.

The Denver Zoo said the baby has been clinging closely to its mother since it was born and will continue to do so for at least six months.

Charlotte and the baby can be found in their exhibit in Bird World, although, the zoo says, “the view of the baby might be impaired by foliage or Charlotte’s embrace.” Sloths being sloths, they also sleep a lot (15 to 20 hours a day).

Before the baby was born, zoo officials said it wasn’t known if Charlotte was having boy or a girl despite performing ultrasounds on her. They said that information wouldn’t likely be known for a few months after the baby was born.

sloth baby face Baby Sloth Is Born At Denver Zoo

(credit: Denver Zoo)

Charlotte was pregnant for 10 months.

LINK: Denver Zoo


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