By Dago Cordova

DENVER (CBS4)– Doorbell video shows a man stealing a family’s pet from the front yard in the middle of the day!

Jaime Gastelle shared the video with CBS4 in hopes of getting back her dog and catching the thieves.

Gastelle’s Shih Tzu, Zoe, was in the front yard about 2 p.m. Tuesday on 4th Avenue near 6th and Monaco.

dog stolen Watch: Dog Stolen From Front Yard

(credit: Jaime Gastelle)

The video shows a black pickup truck driving passed the dog and making a U-turn. The truck stops in front of the house, a man gets out of the passenger’s seat, picks up the dog, and gets back in the truck before it drives away.

Right after the truck pulls away, a neighbor walks up to the home, presumably to alert the family of what just happened.

Gastelle is asking everyone to share this video in hopes of getting Zoe back to her family. Anyone with information is asked to call the Denver Police Department at (720) 913-1300.

Dago Cordova is a CBS4 news producer. Follow him on Twitter.

Comments (3)
  1. Ann Pirie says:

    Keep your animals safe by leashing them.

  2. this done was on a leash…she bent down and unhooked

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