DENVER (CBS4) – The political battle over national monuments helped Colorado land the “Super Bowl” of winter sports shows.

And on Friday Republican Sen. Cory Gardner and Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet, who helped bring it to Denver, toured the Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show at the Colorado Convention Center.

(credit: CBS4)

Roughly 300,000 people are expected to attend.

And though they sit on opposites sides of aisle, both senators agree that landing show is a big deal for the state.

Sen. Cory Garder at the Snow Show (credit: CBS4)

“I’m proud to be a part of the reason it’s here,” Gardner told CBS, “but the reason it’s here the great Colorado presence, and the great Colorado ethic towards the outdoors and conservation, and the exciting business environment you can see all around us. Pretty amazing.”

Sen. Michael Bennet at the Snow Show (credit: CBS4)

“To have this show here is a reflection of Colorado’s support for public lands, [and] our support for conservation,” said Bennet. “I think it’s just a great testament to who we are as a state, and where we’re headed as a state.”

The Outdoor Retail show could bring $110 million to the Colorado Economy.


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