DENVER (CBS4) – At least 100 new tech jobs are being created at a new Denver office for Strava.

Gov. John Hickenlooper joined the company’s CEO to celebrate the announcement.

strava sy 01 concatenated 135839 frame 18930 Athletic GPS Tracking App Company Opens New Office In Denver

New Strava office in Denver. (credit: CBS)

The San Francisco-based company created a GPS tracking app for athletes.

Right now, it is leasing space at the Galvanize office on Platte Street, but it plans to open its own office and expand to 100 employees within three years.

Hickenlooper says the company is the perfect fit for Colorado because their app encourages people to get outside.

“The more people go out and are active, outside or inside, but especially outside, the healthier they are, the more successful they are at their work, at their business and generally the more successful they are in their relationships,” he said.

The state approved a more than $2 million incentive for Strava, but it will only get the tax credit if it adds 89 full time jobs that have an average wage of more than $100,000 dollars a year.

Strava is just one of thousands of companies pouring into Colorado.

The latest quarterly business report shows the state added more than 117,000 new businesses last year, up 8,000 from 2016.


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