By Stan Bush

WASHINGTON, DC (CBS4)– Unlike previous government shutdowns, most of the country’s national parks and monuments are expected to stay open. So will the VA and the post office staying operational. However, call centers with the VA will not be open.

Social Security checks will continue to be processed, but new cards will be suspended until the government reopens.

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Active military and reserves will continue their assignments and report for duty with no stoppage in pay, so long as the shutdown ends before Feb. 1. After that, they would work without pay.

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Rocky Mountain National Park officials say park roads will remain open during the federal government shut down but visitor centers will be closed and entrance stations will not be staffed.

Gov. John Hickenlooper released the following statement on the federal government shutdown Friday night: “This is more unnecessary political drama. It used to be unimaginable that we would even consider shutting down our federal government. Coloradans know that our State government doesn’t shut down. Our legislature has never put the State in this position. We can’t imagine that ever happening here and intend to keep it that way.

“We can handle the impacts of the latest shenanigans, but they waste time and resources that we never get back. This is basically another federal tax that we have to pay.”

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FEMA will respond to disasters, but it’s still unclear how the shutdown will allow recovery projects like restoring service to Puerto Rico to carry on.

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American’s health will also be at greater risk… The FDA will curtail food safety inspections and the CDC will clip a major portion of their work to monitor treat, and vaccinate against the flu, while flu cases continue to rise across the country.

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The shutdown will also have an immediate impact on main street. Federal loans for small businesses and housing will stop entirely.

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