WESTMINSTER, Colo. (CBS4) – A dog owner revisited the park where his dog, Biki, was killed by a pit bull. He spent part of the day warning his neighbors about the potential danger.

(credit: CBS)

Biki was attacked last week at the Westminster Hills off-leash dog park.

Her owners, John Flannagan and Barbie Stephens, say the pit bull’s owners took off as Flannagan tended to Biki.

Biki (credit: CBS)

“We do not want this to happen to a child. That is what is going on here. We can’t bring Biki back, but if we can preclude this from happening to a child it would have all been worth it,” said Flannagan.

(credit: CBS)

He hopes the owners come forward and take responsibility. Flannagan says he’s working with the City of Westminster to try to ban pit bulls.

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  1. Whenever I see people with pit bulls at a dog park I go back to my truck and grab a gun, just in case.

  2. bslsaveslives says:

    Pit bulls are not “mean” when they maim and kill any more than labs are mean when they retrieve, pits simply maul and kill because of genetics. Denying the truth won’t reduce the killings and maimings by these purpose bred blood sport animals. Spay and neuter pit bulls to extinction.
    #GeneticsMatters #BreedMatters #WontBackDown #SpayNeuterPitsToExtinction

  3. If they have attacked another dogs, they could also attack any child or even adult human. I just read an article at https://www.lemberglaw.com/dog-bite-attack-injury-lawyer-attorney-ct/. I think people should read about this, especially dog owners.

  4. You are just plain wrong about the breed “not” being more aggressive or more dangerous. Pit bull pushers & advocates are really doing a disservice to society. You have blood on your hands.
    But, you will apparently never get it through your heads. I feel like I live in a different universe than you.

  5. Banning dog breeds is not the answer. The owners should be held accountable rather than the dog. I know many pit bull owners and their dogs; they are very loving and sensitive dogs. This is the case of nurture over nature. Dogs are not born aggressive.

  6. Dog parks have inherent dangers. I would never take my dog to a dog park. These scenarios are not unusual. Banning a breed isn’t the answer. There are many dogs that can easily wound or kill your dog. People need to realize how dangerous these parks are. There should be signs at dog parks stating a clear warning that dog fights can and do happen and your dog could be seriously injured or killed. I feel for the man and understand his search for justice.

  7. servaline says:

    Media states they hope the pitbull owner will come forward and take responsibility. Won’t happen.

  8. So sorry Biki was killed, but the breed of the aggressor has no bearing. Any dog could have done this, and to say a child could be next? Dog aggressive is not the same as child aggressive. We have no details of how the attack came to be so it’s impossible to draw any kind of accurate conclusion as to the cause of it. The fact that the owners of the “pit bull” (not a breed) fled the scene does not suggest responsible ownership. Perhaps this could be a bigger issue than the breed of dog? Speculation won’t stop it happening again, by any breed.

  9. It’s hard to feel compassion for someone, whose response to their dog getting attacked, is to then unjustly attack an entire breed. Hope it brings him solace when responsible owners are forced to move or give up a member of their family because of him & people like him. Solace when helpless animals are unduly put down. Shame he can’t put that effort against the humans who are responsible instead.

  10. A properly set up dog park should have seperate protected areas for large dogs and small dogs. This is the safest way.. Heck, most indoor play areas for children have age/ size restrictions.
    I feel for the owner who lost his dog but sad to say, he put his little dog at this risk.

  11. So statistics are correct when in the favor of pit bulls?? “maybe the Yorke was barking it’s fool head off” there in lie’s the additiude of the pit bull owner, my friends. Kacie, what do you mean, their comment about hoping it doesn’t happen to a child is disgusting? What do you mean by that? Do you know how many children are maimed & killed by pit bulls? You need to do some researching. Take a look at pictures. No other animals will do the damage that pit bull/mixes will.

  12. This is not a pit bull problem, those of you who say so are half of the problem. “Pit bulls” are just dogs, the same as any other dogs. Then for these people to go on and say they hope it doesn’t happen to a child is DISGUSTING. I have met plenty of dogs who don’t like other dogs that would do anything for a human. What happened here was appalling for a number of reasons, an aggressive dog shouldn’t have been there, and frankly neither should have the Yorkie. Dogs that small have no business being at a dog park like that.

    I understand these people are grieving but can we acknowledge that this little dog could have been barking it’s fool head off? I’ve seen a number of tiny dogs attacked for that reason at dog parks, by dogs that weren’t pit bulls.

    So yeah, this is an owner problem. All dog attacks are an owner problem, some one who doesn’t understand the needs of their dog.

    Before you spout off facts from dogsbite.org or the website for pitbull victims remember their stats aren’t true and are there to scare you.

  13. James Duncan says:

    Animal control laws almost everywhere were established when the thought of a pet dog killing or maiming someone was outside of everyone’s experience. Young people tend to imagine that dog attack violence is normal, because they never knew a time when it was not. There’s no doubt that the violent aggression potential deliberately bred into pit bulls (Google “pit bull history”) can eventually be bred out just the same. However, it’s morally unacceptable that over years and decades, thousands of children, grownups, other pets, and various livestock animals must be mauled, often to death, for a pit bull genetic update experiment.

  14. DOGS of any kind were never meant to be domestic but we HUMANS force them to be that way. I am tired of hearing about the “horrible” pit bulls. Maybe you should look at statistics for dog attacks.

    1. Maybe you need to look at stats of Pits killing other dogs.Yes they are quite horrible and I would not ever set foot in a dog park if a pit was near.

  15. My dog was attacked by a pit bull in Tollgate Park near Centennial on April 13, 2011. The dog was being walked UNLEASHED by a rail thin girl of about 12 years old when there are signs at each entrance about four feet square that say dogs MUST be leashed. No one cares because they are NO consequences until and unless someone is nearly or actually killed IF THEN. Animal control should be out there undercover every week writing out tickets, $250 for a FIRST offense and much more for later ones. Another $250 if your dog isn’t microchipped or tagged with a current address, another if your dog isn’t up to date on its rabies vaccination. Too many people only care when it hurts their WALLET. The job pit bulls were BRED for is a felony in all 50 states. Unless you’re a dog fighter there is no damn reason you MUST have a pit bull. Ban the breed, end the deed.

  16. Alec Isaacs says:

    Fighting dogs have no place in society. This is an epidemic.

  17. Pits shouldn’t be in dog parks. Period. All responsible Pit Rescues/Advocates say so.

  18. It’s past time to ban this breed, everywhere, now.

  19. I would second that Mr. Flannagan what Roger Gibson posted. Very sorry about your dog.

  20. Harve Morgan says:

    Even major pit bull groups tell people to NOT take their pits to dog parks. There are certain breeds, the pit bull being the primary one, that should not go to dog parks because of their high prey drive. RIP little one, you will not be forgotten.

  21. Roger Gibson says:

    John Flannagan, dogsbite.org has a lot of information about breed specific legislation. Other people who’ve had tragedies similar to yours are on the Facebook page, Our Pets Were Attacked By Pit Bulls.

  22. I will not take my small dog to any dog park. Too many irresponsible owners, and pit bulls are too aggressive.

    1. Tony Solesky says:


      The term responsible Pit Bull owner is an oxymoron. It is a contradiction in terms, like saying responsible drunk driver. While it is true the greater number of drunks make it home each night without incident, does not mean it is responsible act , just lucky.

      The word Retriever, describes a dog with inbred instincts to retrieve. The term Pit Bull, describes dogs once used to kill full grown bulls, once it was outlawed breeders turned to use them to fight other dogs to the death in a fighting Pit.

      Ban this Breed, they kill just over 9 companion pets per day across the USA and one human being every 14 days. We have already had our first human killed in a Pit Bull attack on January 10 2018.

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