AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – Three Cherry Creek School District administrators, which include a school principal, a dean and a counselor, have been indicted with failing to report child abuse related to a sexual assault case.

Brian Vasquez (credit: Aurora Police)

Brian Vasquez faces at least 31 charges including multiple counts of sexual assault and is accused of molesting students while he worked at Prairie Middle School.

One of the victims allegedly told staff about the abuse in 2013 but nothing was done.

(credit: CBS)

The indictment centers on that allegation. The victim claims that both the principal and dean urged her to reconsider reporting Vasquez by saying it would hurt his career.

Brian Vasquez in court (credit: CBS)

The indictment also states that the victim attended a meeting with the three named and Vasquez where she was pressured to recant her statements and forced to apologize. She also had to hug Vasquez.

David Gonzlaes and Adrienne MacInthosh (credit: CBS)

A grand jury indicted David Gonzales, Adrienne MacIntosh and Cheryl Somers-Wegienka.

Prosecutors say they investigated the sex assault allegations themselves and never notified police.

(credit: CBS)

Police say they have discovered five victims but that there could be more.

Parents were sent home an email notifying them of the school staff suspensions. Their first court appearance is scheduled for Jan. 23.

  1. Dean Teagan says:

    The counselor and administrators would seem to be accessories to Vasquez’s criminal sexual assaults. Why are they only charged with misdemeanors? If they hadn’t squashed the investigation in 2013, other victims would have been spared. If I were the parent/s of any of these victims I wold be pursuing this very aggressively with my attorney. Further, given the extraordinary length of time that Vasquez was allowed to remain in his position, it seems highly unlikely that District Administrators, such as perhaps the Director of Middle schools, or the Superintendent, would have been unaware of the charges against Vasquez. It seems that prior to the Lundie scandal of last summer, the CCSD may have instructed its schools to use verbal reports, avoiding putting anything into writing, where sex assaults were alleged. This policy changed following community outrage when Harry Bull claimed to have been unaware of the sex assault investigations at Grandview High. It seems almost impossible that, over the course of the 5 years that Vasquez was raping kids at Prairie, the District would have been unaware of the problems. I notice that John Kennedy has quietly been replaced by Tracy Grant as Director of Middle Schools. Harry Bull announced his retirement mere hours before the new indictments were handed down at Prairie. I smell a big rat here. John Kennedy in also on public record as having threatened the CCSD parents who came forward from Fox Ridge Middle school to report the pornography in the school’s digital homework databases. This information was made public through the BOE meetings last Fall. So there is a pattern of pressuring victims into silence. I hope the investigators will look into all of this more thoroughly.

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