By Lauren Whitney


What a bitter day for eastern Colorado! We barely got into the double digits in Denver! This will be our third and final day in this deep freeze for the front range and plains.

We stayed so cold because of an arctic cold front that is stuck along the hogback that kept all lower elevations frigid on Tuesday. The mountains were 10 to 20 degrees warmer than the Front Range.

The ski areas saw the snow pile up over the last 4 days, but the snow is done for a few days. There is still a lot of wind in the high country, so blowing snow will of concern.

15 Almost Out Of The Deep Freeze

Our frigid, Arctic air will move out on Wednesday, bringing us much warmer temperatures and sunny skies. We’ll warm up about 30 degrees from Tuesday. It will be a very cold start to the day, but we’ll get warmer quickly.

Our next storms arrives Sunday and should bring snow back to the mountains. It’s less certain that any snow will reach Denver but it’s possible we could see light snow for the final day of the year. It also turns colder with highs in the 30s on Sunday and then single digits Sunday night into Monday morning.

5day Almost Out Of The Deep Freeze

snowpack Almost Out Of The Deep Freeze
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