CBS Local — Want to play an arcade game featuring a gorilla not named Donkey Kong? You’re in luck, as a man from Boise, Idaho has created an arcade game memorializing one the world’s most famous gorillas, Harambe.

Boise-area programmer Tyler Saling created the arcade game that now resides at the city’s Spacebar Arcade and hopes to take it nationwide in the near future via the app store, Xbox and Steam.

“It’s cool, it’s fun to produce something that people enjoy, it does validate my work and I want to continue that,” Saling said.

The game allows you to play as Harambe, and the goal is to run and jump around to catch food for points without touching a child. If you touch a kid, the game ends and a zookeeper appears on screen and shoots Harambe, which some have deemed offensive.

“I guess it’s too lifelike,” Keith Breon told KIVI in Boise. “Other arcade games are fictional, but this one did happen.”

Saling responded, saying, “I think someone who is ultimately offended by this game may need to question themselves a little bit and maybe question their morals,” per KIVI. “Why am I offended by a pixelized gorilla being shot?”

Harambe was a 440-pound Western lowland gorilla who was killed in 2016 by Cincinnati Zoo zookeepers after a toddler fell into his enclosure and was dragged around by the massive 440-pound gorilla before being shot. The toddler survived the ordeal with minor injuries, but Harambe became an internet sensation due to his controversial death, with thousands rallying against the zoo’s decision to shoot him and millions more embracing Harambe memes on the web.

According to KIVI’s report, an owner of Spacebar Arcade says that players are lining up for a chance to play the game, which could become part of a larger series if its creator has his way.

Saling wants to get the game online and in the app store by February 2018 and also plans on turning “Harambe Kong” into a trilogy.