FORT MORGAN, Colo (CBS4) – Music comes in many forms — that’s what students in Fort Morgan experienced. The music education program Detour brought an amazing music experience to Lincoln High School and Fort Morgan Middle School.

LINK: Detour

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“It’s actually really fun. We’ve never had anything happen like this ever, and it’s actually very exciting,” said Alex Strange, a senior at Lincoln High School.

DJ Full Metal demonstrates the turn tables. (credit CBS)

DJ Full Metal taught the turn tables. Colorado band 2MX2 provided a producing lesson with a program called Auto-Tune. Gedeon Carmel went acoustic, sharing the story of his journey from the Congo to Colorado through song.

2MX2 gives a lesson on Auto-Tune. (credit CBS)

“We want these kids to be able to find their place and find their voice and find their instrument,” said Isaac Slade of The Fray.

Slade is co-chair of the Take Note Colorado initiative, which is working to bring quality instruments and musical instruction to every student.

LINK: Take Note Colorado

“You really can find your people and find yourself in the process,” he told CBS4.

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Gedeon Carmel shares his story in song. (credit CBS)

He even performed some of his hit songs for the students.

“I’m really, really excited about that. I really love The Fray,” said Alexzandra Marquez, a sophomore at Lincoln High School.

Detour is one of many music education programs operating in Colorado. It travels around bringing a variety of musical experiences to students.

Isaac Slade performing at Fort Morgan Middle School. (credit CBS)

“It’s kind of the vision that the governor and I have that we kind of want to come alongside the people who are already doing the amazing things,” Slade explained.

The vision is to spark a love of music in the next generation.

“This was so inspiring to me. This meant a lot to me,” said Strange.

Take Note Colorado is benefiting this year from the Sing It To Me Santa concert at the Ogden Theatre on Saturday, Dec. 9. The Record Company will headline the show.

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