STERLING, Colo. (CBS4) – The Sterling Fire Department created a non-traditional Christmas light show by synchronizing the lights of their fire house and fire trucks and engines to an amped-up version of Carol of the Bells.

The video was shared by Jason Bostron, Captain at the Sterling Fire Department.

“SFD is getting LIT for Christmas,” Bostron wrote.

The video has been shared over 12,000 times on Facebook and had over 3 million views on news sites in Seattle, Portland, Tampa and New Orleans, Bostron said.

sterling fd light show1 Fire Truck Christmas: Colorado Firefighters Create Dub Step Light Show

(credit: Jason Bostron, Sterling Fire Department)

 The light show struck a special chord with one viewer.

“Our 26 year old son, Roman, has multiple physical and intellectual disabilities including autism, and he LOVES firetrucks. This is his first viewing of your wonderful video (the first of many times he watched it!). I thought you might enjoy seeing the joy you brought others. Thank you and Merry Christmas!!” Angel Grant posted on the Sterling Fire Department’s Facebook page.

“Whoa! Whoa!” Roman exclaimed over and over again as he watched the video.

Bostron explained how the video was made.
“I filmed the actual video. My guys (C-Shift) helped by running the truck lights in different groups, which took about 7 minutes. I spent over 10 hours editing it to get the final video set to the music,” Bostron said. “We are a young Department and wanted to do something ‘un traditional’ so our Lieutenant Kinoshita chose a dub step song.”
“We have one station that covers over 1850 square miles, and run over 3,000 calls a year, so the video wasn’t made ‘because we have too much time,'” Bostron explained.
We asked Bostron how it felt to see his creation touch the hearts of so many.
“It has been amazing to see people enjoying it. A few days ago a friend from Oregon Facetimed me with a group of his firefighters watching it,” he answered. “It is so cool to know that our department has done something positive for so many.”

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