By Joel Hillan

DENVER (CBS4) – Christmas is a season filled with bright lights, sounds, scents and hustle and bustle.

But for kids with autism and kids with sensory integration disorder like Jason and Aubrey Alsup’s kids, a simple trip to see Santa is a virtual minefield of distraction and triggers.

“One child may misbehave or someone else’s child might do something that’s really loud and unexpected and then all of a sudden it’s setting them off and it’s just chaos,” Aubrey explained.

This special Santa Cares event was by appointment only, so there were no long lines, no bright lights and no music — a trigger-reduced environment.

santa cares Kids Sensitive To Stimulus Get Special Visit With Santa

(credit: CBS4)

The kids doodled in coloring books or read through special sensory books from the Douglas County library to prepare for their big moment with Santa.

“It’s hard to see Santa when you have so many with sensory issues,” said Aubrey. “Not to have to wait to get in and have a Santa that’s willing to talk to you and get on the floor with you and just helps their Christmas wishes come true a bit more.”

Making the magic of Christmas possible for kids of all abilities.

Joel Hillan anchors CBS4 This Morning on weekends as well as reports stories for CBS4 News at 5 and 6 p.m. Follow Joel on Twitter @joelhillan.


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