By Makenzie O’Keefe

DENVER – Demonstrators were marching and waving signs across the country on Saturday, in an effort to stand up against white supremacy. One of those rallies, was held in Denver.

“Show me what community looks like,” demonstrators chanted. “This is what community looks like.”

(credit: CBS4)

The rally began at the steps of the State Capitol on Saturday, where over one hundred people gathered to stand up against racism and fight for equality.

“When that is equal, all lives can matter,” said Darlene January-Jones, with Resistance 5280.

Guests stood in front of the crowd, talking about their experiences and concerns about different issues seen happening across the country. Rally organizers said they want leaders to stand up for everyone in America.

“We have seen different acts of hate from our president, and acts of hate throughout the nation,” explained Tay Anderson, a community organizer. “We are here to rally and say we do not support that type of behavior here in Colorado.”

The rally in Denver was part of a movement taking place in cities across the country.

“It feels like we are getting farther and farther away from all men are created equal, and truth and justice for all,” Tonya Bucher said, who attended the rally.

(credit: CBS4)

Organizers of the event say they hoped to spread one message, to end white supremacy in Denver and across the nation.

Counter-protestors also showed up to the event. Louis Huey said went to learn more about the protest, and have an open-ended conversation.

“I think they just want to divide more and push more hate,” Huey said after he was asked to leave the rally. “They don’t actually want to have a conversation with anybody.

Huey along with a few others, were escorted by police to the outskirts of the rally.

(credit: CBS4)

“I just wanted to get some education, but it turns out they don’t want to talk to anyone with a different opinion,” he said. “I feel pretty violated right now.”

The rally goers proceeded to march down 16th Street Mall, chanting and waving signs. They say, it’s an effort to encourage others to stand up and fight.

“We can make change,” January-Jones explained. “The congress, legislature, they hear us.”

Organizers say they would “stand in solidarity with Al Green to Impeach Trump, The NFL players who took the knee, and those in Puerto Rico who was refused aid by Trump.”

Makenzie O’Keefe joined the CBS4 team as a reporter in 2017. Read her bio, follow her on Twitter at @makenziepokeefe or email her your story ideas.


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