LARIMER COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – Witnesses in Larimer County have described three people believed to have caused a brush fire during a photography outing Saturday.

Hikers and climbers at Duncan’s Ridge recreational area near Horsetooth Reservoir told authorities the fire was started by a man and two women who used a smoke bomb as an added effect for their photographs.

One of the women reportedly held a smoke bomb in her hand as it was activating and dropped it.

Climbers and hikers nearby reported the fire and quickly put it out with water from their water bottles.

The trio left the area prior to the arrival of park rangers and fire personnel.

They are described as a white man in his early to mid 20’s with brown hair and full beard, wearing a white shirt and carrying a large camera; a white woman with a thin build and blonde hair, also in her early to mid 20’s, wearing a black shirt and black leggings; and another woman in her 20’s, medium to heavy build, white a white sweater and black pants.

One of the women is believed to have suffered burns to her hand.

The group faces several potential charges, including a fire-related felony.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office at (970) 416-1985.


  1. Robert Chase says:

    So a woman dropped a smoke bomb, starting a tiny fire which was extinguished without the aid of the authorities, who now want us to provide information to charge two other people with “firing woods and prairie, reckless endangerment and various other parks violations”. No. The woman’s conduct was careless and could have been destructive, but the official overreaction is worse.

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