DENVER (CBS4) – Twitter was buzzing about loud booms once again on Friday, this time in Florida.

It’s just the latest in a slew of reports about ‘mystery booms’ from around the world.

Louds booms heard in Colorado on November 20th were later blamed on an oil storage tank that blew its lid around the same time the noises were reported.

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Tweeters around Dayton Beach tagged NASA Friday afternoon asking if they were causing the noises. One tweet saying, “it scared the daylights out of us.”

sound graph f97cb1b35bb116fa Twitter Buzzing Over More Sonic Booms, This Time In Florida

A sound graph from the USGS Lakeview Retreat near Centreville, Ala., shows a loud boom heard over Alabama at about 1:39 p.m. CST on Nov. 14. The cause of the boom is still unknown. (credit: NASA)

A media outlet in Orlando, WESH-TV, reported that the sonic booms were believed to have been caused by the military flying F-15s.

  1. Britt says:

    It’s been happening a lot in the last few weeks, but even more so in the last few days. One night the lights went out first, then BOOOOM, the whole neighborhood shook. This was not a normal “sonic boom”

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