By Britt Moreno

HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. (CBS4) – Amy Hurley has played the waiting game her whole life. She waited to meet the woman who gave her up for adoption for 40 years. One day she decided to take a leap of faith. On a whim she tracked down her birth mom’s age and hospital where she was born.

Her birth mom gave her up when she was three days old. That’s all she knew until Deb Fife reached out to her on the website where she posted.

They say all good things come to those who wait, and Amy found faith in that old saying. Deb Fife lives hundreds of miles away in Highlands Ranch and flew out to Memphis to meet her daughter. That’s when Amy was in her mom’s arms for the very first time.

(credit: CBS)

“I kind of just broke down. It was a stranger, but it was not a stranger. There was this instant connection,” said Amy.

Soon after Deb asked Amy if she would like to meet her younger siblings. CBS4’s Britt Moreno was the only reporter to watch the special family reunion unfold inside Deb’s Highlands’s Ranch home.

(credit: CBS)

Amy finally met the big family she has wanted with not one, not two but five younger siblings.

(credit: CBS)

The family spent Thanksgiving all together under the same roof for the first time this year. The reunion happened during National Adoption Month.

“It has given such an inner peace and filled a part of my heart I didn’t know was empty,” said Amy.

(credit: CBS)

Amy says she and Deb have the same sense of humor. They are the only ones in the big family who play the piano. What gave them chills however is when Deb revealed she called the baby she gave up for adoption “Amy” without ever knowing Amy’s adoptive parents gave her that name, too.

They say it was all meant to be.

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