DENVER (CBS4)– Investigators say illegal hash oil extraction is the cause of an explosion that left people injured.

The explosion happened on Tuesday afternoon in a garage near 48th and Hooker, north of Interstate 70, in Denver.

hash oil Hash Oil Blamed For Garage Explosion

(credit: Denver Fire Dept.)

Two people were rushed to the hospital with burns. It is unclear the extent of the injuries.

Greg Pixley with the Denver Fire Department says the illegal butane hash oil extraction was underway in the garage behind the home in the alley. The explosion blew out two exterior walls on the garage.

The structure is considered unstable.

  1. Robert Chase says:

    “Investigators say illegal hash oil extraction is the cause of an explosion that left people injured”

    — they lie; you misrepresent. There’s still no such thing as a “hash oil explosion”. The people injured were the extractors; the vast majority of those injured in such incidents are the extractors themselves. Thanks to the fascist reactionaries Coloradans elect to represent them, we will now pay to persecute the injured. By pretending to make the extraction of cannabinoids with solvents illegal except when performed by State licensees (we have the right to process cannabis), Colorado has increased the number of fires and explosions caused by mishandling butane by driving extractors indoors; when not done in an enclosed structure, the process is relatively safe.

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