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The van went on to hit a tree, and several signs, before stopping in a nearby parking lot. The van had to go the wrong way down the road, in order to stop where it did.

15th and california Van Driver Hits 3 Pedestrians Near 15th And Stout

(credit: CBS)

“It was just really intense. I am kind of still in shock,” said Megan Bunn, an eyewitness.

Bunn said the van nearly hit her, as it exited a parking garage. The van hit the parking gate, before exiting the garage.

“It was out of control,” Bunn said. “I had to throw my bike out of the way, and move out of the way.”

Bunn was able to escape what three others could not.

“(The van was) dragging signs, and knocking out trees, and knocking out people. It was chaotic,” Bunn said.

“People were running after him, trying to ask what happened,” said Felix Kevin Fanilag, an eyewitness.  “The guy just went up to his car, and raised his hands.”

As police responded, civilians rushed to help the wounded. Bunn, a nursing student, said a woman was dragged under the van before ending up in the RTD Lightrail tracks.

“I stabilized the victim, making sure she didn’t move her head, and making sure others didn’t move her off the tracks,” Bunn said.

A spokesperson for Denver police did not respond to the scene.

One investigator on scene told CBS4’s Dillon Thomas the suspect was in custody, and was cooperative. The investigator said the suspect claimed his foot got stuck on the accelerator of the van, and he couldn’t get it off.

Police said there didn’t appear to be any intention of violence and say the suspect was not intoxicated.

Those who watched the situation unfold said, aside from the terror, they were able to see some positivity in a dark moment.

“You can see how good humanity can be. Multiple people were with all of the victims,” Bunn said.

At the time this article was published, Denver Police had not released the conditions of those injured in the incident.



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