DENVER (CBS4) – People will have some terrible travel stories to tell at the dinner table this Thanksgiving.

(credit: Marin Klostermeier)

The concourse trains that run underground malfunctioned at Denver International Airport two different times Wednesday morning. A sensor fault meant the trains couldn’t operate on certain sections of the track. Airport officials said it was the first time a malfunction like this has happened, and it just happened to be on one of year’s busiest travel days.

“We’ve identified what happened and so they’re going to be troubleshooting why that happened and how they can prevent it from happening again,” said DIA spokesman Heath Montgomery. “We’ve never had this particular issue with the train system before, so it’s something new that happened this morning.”

(file photo credit: CBS)

As a result of the problem, technicians had to switch to a manual bypass mode so the trains could go around where the sensor fault areas were. The Transportation Safety Administration also had to shut down all but one or two their security lines because of the congestion.

One traveler told CBS4 she waited 20 minutes for the train to arrive, then she waited for 10 minutes at every stop.

Most of the passengers who were running late to their departure gates were able to make their flights because a lot of airlines delayed departure times to accommodate them.

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Officials warned that travelers should plan to arrive at the airport at least two hours ahead of their flight time to assure they will get out on time during this busy holiday travel period.

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  1. I always said a flaw at Denver airport (DIA) was that you have no ability to walk between concourses you are forced to ride the train. Not that Atlanta (ATL) is any dream airport, but IF and when the train line has a malfunction whether it is an hour or an afternoon you can at least walk between the concourses. But I will also say DIA is a horrible airport to get to and once your there the experience sucks.

  2. Honest, I just don’t know why people do holidays. Mystifies me completely. Better to do off-holiday family reunions that are planned well in advance giving all who want to attend ample time to save on tickets and avoid the avoidable. I actually consider this madness to be well-deserved pain for the abject stupidity involved. I’m sleeping in, then going fishing. Then, I’m gonna read about you stuck in some airport with weirdos and gun-shooting psychos. Then, I’m going to bed. Happy Thanksgiving, suckers!

  3. Doodle: The ENTIRE DIA was based on a LIE by two politicians (Denver Mayor Feddy Pena, Colorado Governor Roy Romer) a couple of mall developers, and auto dealers) who wanted to get rich; they didn’t but their legacy for promoting this ridiculous airport that should NEVER have been built is a weaker Denver due to its horrible inconvenience; NO oversight; just the natural results of a SCAM!!!!

  4. So there isn’t a way to walk to each of the concourses? You have to take a train to get to the concourses? Seems like a major oversight.

  5. Paul Trott says:

    Can’t wait for government mandated driverless cars.

  6. richardjstacy says:

    The vendors in the terminal are making bank on this. Bet they know how to mess with the sensors…

  7. That’s BS that it has never happened before! Same thing happened to me in September.

  8. TSA shuts down a few lines bc of congestion…really? Perfect timing.

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