By Chris Spears

DENVER (CBS4) – Did you hear a loud boom or two around 9 p.m. Monday night?

Hundreds of people from Lakewood to Brighton, Lochbuie and Elizabeth took to social media reporting one to two distinct ‘explosion-like’ sounds that rattled windows and shook walls.

One CBS4 viewer in Brighton told me a chair tipped over on his porch!

The booms join a growing list of mysterious ‘explosion-like’ sounds reported in recent weeks around the United States.

A sound graph from the USGS Lakeview Retreat near Centreville, Ala., shows a loud boom heard over Alabama at about 1:39 p.m. CST on Nov. 14. The cause of the boom is still unknown. (credit: NASA)

  • Southern New Jersey – Oct. 25
  • Central Alabama – Nov. 14
  • Lewiston, Idaho – Nov. 15
  • Suburbs of Detroit – Nov. 18


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There have also been reports of mysterious booms around the world. This website is reporting booms as far away as Russia, Denmark and Australia.

While I have no explanation for this my first thought is that we are still in the Leonid meteor shower which just peaked this past weekend. Could meteors be burning up as they enter the atmosphere, creating loud shock waves?

CBS4 Weather Watcher Ron Hranac, an astronomy expert, says no.

He tells me that if the booms were produced by a meteoroid that it wouldn’t be related to the Leonids because meteoroids from meteor showers are too small to make it to the ground and produce meteorites (or even close to the ground).

Meteor showers occur when the Earth passes through debris, mostly dust and small rock or ice particles, left by passing comets. That debris is dust-sized to perhaps pea-sized, and burns up fairly high in the atmosphere (50 to 75 miles above the surface).

(credit: USGS and CBS)

I contacted Buckley Air Force Base and they told me all of their missions ended at 8:08 p.m. so the noise wasn’t caused by a military jet.

I also contacted the USGS in Golden and they said it wasn’t an earthquake, although a seismograph at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal did record about 10 minutes of ‘noise’ around the time of the booms, but said that the noise could have simply been something like a passing freight train.

There was one fireball photographed last night streaking high above Colorado but that was at 11:38 p.m., a few hours after the loud booms.

So the sounds remain a mystery! What do you think?

Meteorologist Chris Spears travels weekly in the CBS4 Mobile Weather Lab reporting about Colorado’s weather and climate. Check out his bio, connect with him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter @ChrisCBS4.

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  1. Daniel Long says:

    It’s not a result of the protests being broken up at around 9pm to 10pm is it? Maybe flashbangs and the like? They seem to be repetetive, somewhat like an automatic gun.

  2. Monday was not the first time this has happened. A few months ago, there were two loud booms at sunset in my area. I live near Elizabeth. It was even in our newsletter, our whole neighborhood heard them and cause never determined.

  3. Barb Craig says:

    i meant Earth changes.

  4. Eartj changed. Look up they talk of them. Likely has to do with the pole shift. I heard them in WNY.

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  6. ET is trying to get our attention because the UFO approach aint working.

  7. Timothy Pace says:

    F-16s out of Buckley AFB always travel in pairs. They really get humping out over the Front Range and occasionally go supersonic a bit closer to populated areas than intended. BOOM – BOOM

  8. David Coker says:

    Never happened. Don’t care what you think you heard, you didn’t hear anything. I don’t care how many of you disagree, I don’t care. I have my mind made up. 911 happened just the way they told you it did. I still think there are WMDs in Iraq. They just haven’t found them yet. Lee Harvey was the only shooter, Barack and Michelle are the real parents of Sasha and Malia, Israel is our ally and Donald Trump is here to save the world. If you disagree then you are just a conspiracy theorist.

  9. Im in Castle Rock and didnt hear any booms last night. But I also have lived on military bases for 13+ years and am used to all kinds of weird sounds from jets….more than likely it is a jet from another base – not out of Buckley.

  10. Maybe somebody released a Kraken – and now he’s searching for a way to the surface…

  11. Robert Chase says:

    I didn’t notice it in Denver. Ckeck out the recent bolide in Finland: . It is supposed to have been a sporadic — the booms may not be unusual but are just receiving more coverage, or there may be unusually energetic objects hitting Earth’s atmosphere.

  12. Joe Johnson says:

    Must be the result of man-made Global Warming/Climate Change!

  13. Teddy Coral says:

    People are eating too much Kale. I’ve introduced Kale into my diet and I’m producing quite impressive sonic booms.

  14. Michael Paul says:

    Ok. Weird. We heard this last night near Red Rocks and thought it was two very loud isolated firework explosions. I looked out the window and saw nothing, and forgot about until I stumbled across this article. People in Brighton heard this too??? It also happened 30 minutes from where I was visiting family in Alabama last Tuesday. That my friends is more than a little disturbing. NASA has not explanation and said that it could not be related to the meteor shower. USGS says it does not correlate to seismic activity. NOAA says it is not related to weather events. DIA and the military said that it could not have correlated to a sonic boom from one of their aircraft nearby. That really only leaves paranormal or extra-terrestrial explanations; I’m not going to draw any conclusions but I will say that it should peak your interest enough to look into it. I probably would not have cared if I did not hear it last night–inexplicably loud and clear–but what really bothers me is how far away locally people reported hearing this, and the fact that it has been popping up around the world.

  15. Michael Corn says:

    No one remembers sonic booms? The military has pilots who like to shake up their neighbors, girl friends, or wives…etc.

    1. harris9513 says:

      Yeah, we had sonic booms in the 70’s – and then no more. If they are doing sonic booms for their women – causing people to nearly have heart attacks and possibly cracking foundations – they need to be discharged from the Air Force. Other than that, wake up and realize these aren’t sonic booms. It takes reading and time which you probably don’t do much of.

      1. And it wasnt a sonic boom, no planes overhead and no contrails.

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