DENVER (CBS4)– The 4/20 Rally permit for Civic Center Park was handed out to a new organization on Tuesday morning after the most recent event organizers left the park a mess.

Despite waiting in line overnight, the marijuana business Euflora did not obtain the permit to stage an event April 20 at Civic Center Park.

4 20 rally 5vo frame 0 Parks & Rec Hands Out 4/20 Rally Permit

(credit: CBS)

Another applicant, Michael Ortiz, made it to the office first on Tuesday morning.

Denver pulled the permit from the previous 4/20 rally organizer after the park was trashed, literally.

420 rally civic ctr 6pkg frame 2465 Parks & Rec Hands Out 4/20 Rally Permit

(credit: CBS)

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That organizer, Miguel Lopez, was barred from renewing his 4/20 Rally permit. He has promised to appeal that decision.

  1. Robert Chase says:

    What BS! The City makes a big show about denying Miguel a permit for his “Marijuana Festival” (at which cannabis is banned), then issues it to his surrogate (which you failed to note). What does Denver do competently?

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