DENVER (CBS4) – Denver Broncos fans have probably noticed a parachute team flying into Sports Authority Field at Mile High during home games.

The team says they wanted to up the ante when it comes to pre-game rituals.

The four-person team is known as Thunderstorm. They recently were featured on CBS This Morning.

What fans might not have known is the level of intricacy the team has mastered in order to fly into the stadium without any mishaps.

Right before kick-off, the team jumps from a plane 5,000 feet over downtown Denver, navigates through a maze of wires spanning the field… all at 60 mph.

“It’s total freedom. You don’t worry about if you got bills to pay, It’s just, like, 60 seconds to do your job, and then back to reality,” co-founder Jimmy Tranter told CBS.

When they’re not training at Mile-Hi Skydiving, each of the team members train members of the military, design and test parachutes as part of their daily jobs.


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