DENVER (CBS4) – Dobby the giraffe has hit a new milestone!

The 9-month-old giraffe now tips the scales at over 500 pounds, the Denver Zoo announced Monday.

That’s quite a big change from his birth weight and size of five-feet-tall and 73 pounds.

Dobby (credit: Denver Zoo)

Dobby was born on Feb. 28 and instantly became a sensation, like April in New York, receiving attention from around the globe.

He had a bit of a rocky start, unable to stand and nurse from the start, so needed a little extra TLC from zoo staff.

(credit: Denver Zoo)

Dobby continued to make gains over the past few months.

At 6 months old he weighed 450 pounds and was 8-feet-tall.

In September, officials announced Dobby would remain at the Denver Zoo with his family.

There was speculation that he could be transferred to another zoo as part of a breeding program.

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