LA JUNTA, Colo. (CBS4) – An admitted murderer was elected to serve on the East Otero School Board in La Junta.

Thomas Seaba pleaded guilty to murdering a fellow Marine in the 90s. A detective on the case said Seaba shot the victim five times.

Thomas Seaba (credit: CBS)

Seaba moved back to Colorado after getting out of jail and got a job with La Junta’s Wastewater Department.

His past was well known during the school board race.

(credit: CBS)

“Although, it was obvious a set of horrific mistakes compounding on one another which led to me serving time in prison,” said Seaba.

The East Otero School District’s superintendent, Rick Lovato, said “We researched to see what the criteria was. It is not outside of the rights for a person with a felony conviction to run for the office.”

(credit: CBS)

The only thing that would bar someone for running for school board in Colorado is a sex crime against a child.

Lovato says the district will not interfere with the voters’ decision.

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  1. Jeffrey Gee says:

    So, in other words he’s a fine upstanding Demoncrat!

  2. David Coker says:

    One word says it all. DEMOCRAT

  3. I’m sure the family of the victim is thrilled. FYI…The marine this man murdered is not up for election to anything. Unbelievable.

  4. DEMOCRATS reelected crack addict Marion Barry. DEMOCRATS reelected Rham Emanuel while Chicago set records for murder. Seattle DEMOCRATS reelected child molester and pervert mayor Ed Murray.

    It should be no surprise that DEMOCRATS elected a murderer to be the custodian of their children’s education.

    The shame this brings to the Democratic Party is only eclipsed by the depravity and corruption of their Presidential nominee.

  5. Imagine if Joseph Stalin had been on the ballot: “AT LEAST HE’S NOT DRUMPF!” Progressives are regressive, liberals are illiberal and Dimocrats are, well, DIM. That’s called a hat trick.

  6. bdnsc says:

    And you democrats screech and holler because Roy Moore dated a few 16 year olds? LOL!

    Do tell…..Is it too much pot or have you libs become totally morally bankrupt?

  7. I am reminded of the continuing adoration of convicted rapist Mike Tyson. A second act is in the future for everyone, even Mel Gibson.

  8. No redemption? Civil Death? I think this is what our founding fathers had in mind. What is his character today? I thought the Constitution was the law of the land.

  9. Joe Jacobs says:

    who says pot is not mind altering

  10. javafiend says:

    I wonder which is the case: the voters knew of this candidate’s conviction and elected him anyway or the voters were uninformed and went “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe”.

  11. boocatbutterbee says:

    This is unbelievable. What is wrong with Colorado?

    1. Brenda Bruno says:

      I noticed a significant downward trend when Jared Polis moved here from California and was elected into Colorado State Government. He is solidly dedicated to making Colorado be like California.

      Then we had the legalization of marijuana, and now I regularly encounter people who can’t think. I had a customer a little bit ago who couldn’t grasp that three really is half of 6. Being a long time resident here, I miss the way Colorado use to before all of this.

  12. Hey, once Colorado started seeing people show up from a certain part of the country(east of Mississippi), everything went to hell.

  13. Scott Gunn says:

    Only Liberals are dumb enough to elect a convicted murderer to a school board (or anything, for that matter).

  14. Russ Agrusa says:

    Ya but he’s sooooo much calmer now that he can be high all day

  15. Jesse Magee says:

    Liberal Logic: “Hey, it’s not like they guy’s a serial killer. Just one teensy, weensy little murder. And it was years ago. As long as his politics are in the right place, all is well.” And how do we know he’s a Democrat? Because you can rest assured that if he was a Republican it would be front and center in the story.

  16. Jack Inmanz says:

    Not to worry, he gets shot in the last episode.

  17. Jack Webb says:

    Hey, what a guy does in his private time is his business. We can’t judge. Right?

  18. Larry Hansen says:

    Typical liberal snowflake potheads

  19. Joe Schmoes says:

    A tad too much marajuana available in that electorate. Here’s clear proof.

  20. As long as this guy hates Trump and is FOR abortion… the left will not have a problem with this and most likely stand up for him.

  21. Just goes to show that actually doing some simple homework prior to voting is too hard.

    If I’m voting I’m educated. If, after reading about a new constitutional amendment here is Texas, I don’t really know enough, I’ll vote no. If I don’t know the judges up for district X, I don’t vote. I vote, but I don’t vote in ignorance.

    Someone who shot someone five times may or may not be a better person than they were X number of years ago, but I’d rather have a school board seat go empty than put a known murderer on the board.

  22. voodoodaddy1 says:

    Hey Kids!

    Guess what? You can even murder people and still hold public office. Go ahead-rape, burglarize, assault, vandalize, lie, cheat and kidnap-no problem!

  23. Pretty sure his vote will always be the majority vote…

  24. And you wonder why our schools are such a mess.

  25. Jimmy Chonga says:

    Just take that spoon on the table, scoooooooop out your brain, then take that little ballot into the voting booth and cast your vote. WHY? Unreal.

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