LA JUNTA, Colo. (CBS4) – A confessed killer is now on a local school board in Colorado.

Thomas Seaba served 16 years in a North Carolina prison for murdering a fellow Marine, KKTV reports.

thomasseabaadamuhernik Confessed Killer Elected To School Board In Colorado

Thomas Seaba (credit: Adam Uhernik/KKTV)

A detective on the case said Seaba shot the victim once in the back of the head and then returned later and shot him four more times.

“Anyone who shoots someone five times in the head, you know, no doubt it was a cold-blooded killing,” Col. Donnie Worrell told our partners at KKTV.

Seaba was released in 2010.

And he was recently elected to the East Otero School District Board of Education.

According to the superintendent, Seaba’s crime doesn’t prevent him from holding the office.

Seaba works for the wastewater department.

“If you are a good person and something bad happened to you, or whatever, do the time but then spend the rest of your life making it right. Thomas has done that,” La Junta City Manager Rick Klein said.

Seaba says he wants to make a positive impact on his community.

Comments (2)
  1. Dean Teagan says:

    La Junta should be demanding answers from their school board about the EBSCO K-12 databases that are exposing children to pornography. EBSCO is sponsored by La Junta schools and these databases (Explora, Mas Ultra, Novelist and others) have been a scandal in the news, nationwide, for the past year. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation named EBSCO to the 2017 Dirty Dozen list for its role in streaming advertisements, articles, “erotic” stories, images and promotional material for the mutli-billion dollar sex industry through online school portals. For more information, parents can just type “ebsco porn” into any google search and there are pages of news stories. Since Seaba is now on the school board, the community should be asking this guy what he plans to do about getting EBSCO Porn out La Junta schools!!

  2. Dale Warren says:

    Radical, alt-Left, anti-American, socialist, Progressive Democrats can probably spin the murder as merely a free-lance, mobile, post-natal, elective abortion; after all, their mantra is that only conservative Republicans are evil.

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