DENVER (CBS4) – Denver band Tracksuit Wedding and Gov. John Hickenlooper visited KBCO’s Studio C to promote the Sing It To Me Santa concert benefiting Take Note Colorado and music education in Denver schools.

Tracksuit Wedding playing in KBCO’s Studio C. (credit CBS)

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Tracksuit Wedding played a short set including a song they haven’t recorded yet. It’s one that may be on the set list for the Sing It To Me Santa concert.

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“Sing It To Me Santa is a really fun night. A tight program, a lot of different bands on stage leading up into The Record Company, which is our headliner. We’re really excited about them,” said Libby Anschutz, one of the founders of the band.

Libby Anschutz of Tracksuit Wedding (credit CBS)

Money from the concert supports the Take Note Colorado initiative and music education in Denver schools.

“I just feel like a well-rounded child gets arts and music or the opportunity to learn those things in addition to their core curriculum,” Anschutz added.

Tracksuit Wedding was joined by Hickenlooper on his first visit to the legendary Studio C.

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Hickenlooper with Bret Saunders in KBCO’s Studio C (credit CBS)

“I thought it was going to be huge and kind of dripping in gold, and the bottom line, it’s just a studio and yet the fact that it is Studio C is magic,” Hickenlooper told CBS4.

The governor showed off his own musical chops, by playing briefly on the piano. He told CBS4 that he got serious about music while in college.

(credit CBS)

“I fell in love. (The woman) loved music and musicians, so I — in a futile (attempt that) never worked to win her affections — learned how to play the piano, the guitar and the banjo,” Hickenlooper said.

Now he wants every Colorado student to have access to instruments and instruction in music.

“It has given my life depth. And when I’m really stressed out and I have a really difficult decision to make, I just sit and play piano for 15 minutes and it kind of washes away some of that stress,” Hickenlooper explained.

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The Sing It To Me Santa concert is Saturday, Dec. 9 at the Ogden Theatre in Denver.