DENVER (CBS4) – The test track for a new form of high-speed transportation will be built near Denver International Airport.

The Colorado Department of Transportation is teaming up with a Los-Angeles based company called Arrivo to build a test track for a system inspired by the Hyperloop project.

The $24 billion dollar project will function like an enclosed, electromagnetic superhighway that can carry cars up to 200 mph.

(credit: CBS)

Details about the partnership, including where that test track will be and what the technology entails, were announced by CDOT officials on Tuesday morning.

The system would be centered at Denver International Airport at stretch to Fort Collins, Pueblo, Vail and Cheyenne, Wyo.

The hyperloop could get people from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs in 20 minutes.

(credit: CBS)

Construction on the test track along E-470 between 88th and 96th will begin early next year.

According to Arrivo’s website, the company’s goal is to develop 21st century technology to bring fast, safe, low coast and clean transportation to the world. Photos show their system to be an above-ground, tube-like transportation system, similar to the Hyperloop.

(credit: CBS)

“Arrivo is propelled with a linear-electric motor so there is no direct emissions from the system. So that means when you’re in the system your vehicle is powered by the system, which is a nice feature. At high speeds it does levitate, we’re doing some engineering on some passive magnetic levitation which allows for the high speed. It makes it extremely safe, it makes it a very smooth ride. It will be as smooth as standing here,” said Arrivo CEO Brogan BamBrogan.

Arrivo CEO Brogan BamBrogan (credit: CBS)


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