WEST MIDLANDS, England (CBS4) – Paramedics were stunned when they returned to their ambulance after helping a patient and found a nasty note on the windshield.

The note read, “You may be saving lives but don’t park your van in a stupid place and block my drive.”

Paramedic Tasha Starkey said the situation was “TIME-CRITICAL.”

“People are too focused in their own lives and forget about others. Infuriating,” Starkey said on Twitter.

People reacted with a range of emotions, from outrage to compassion and respect.

“I would wrap that note around a brick and hurl it into the front window,” one person commented.

“Absolutely awful,” another wrote. “Nothing but respect for ambulance crews.”

“I would not wish harm to anyone but if this person ever needs an ambulance let’s hope it doesn’t have to park half a mile down a road so as not to block someone’s drive,” another Twitter user replied.


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