DENVER (CBS4) – It’s a brew-haha over beer names, and two Colorado breweries have taken the squabble to court.

Utah-based Epic Brewing Company has a taproom in Denver, and is suing a Buena Vista brewery over its trademark beer. It wants Eddyline Brewing Company to stop calling its double IPA “Epic Day”.

co  epic brewery lawsuit 6vo transfer frame 201 Breweries Locked In Epic Legal Battle

Eddyline Brewing Company’s “Epic Day” Double IPA

The suit alleges Eddyline’s use of the word is confusing to consumers, and hurts Epic’s bottom line. It wants Eddyline to pay $1 million in damages, plus any profits that Eddyline made from its “Epic Day” brew. It also requests that the court orders Eddyline to destroy anything with their version of the “Epic” logo.

epic brewery frame 2203 Breweries Locked In Epic Legal Battle

Epic Brewing Company’s Denver Location (credit: CBS)

Neither brewery has commented on the ongoing litigation.



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