DENVER (CBS4)– Dr. Jason Glass, superintendent of Jeffco Schools, talked about the changing climate of schools in Colorado, and the impact of the latest school board elections.

Glass appeared on CBS4 This Morning where he talked about the changes in Jeffco Schools and other school districts across the state.

“It’s really been tumultuous not just across Jeffco but across the whole Front Range; Douglas County, Denver, Aurora, Jeffco. This past election was surprising on a number of fronts. One, because it’s a local school board race we don’t have any polling data to give us any hints on what’s going to happen, and because it’s a low turnout race, who wins is determined by which group is able to mobilize people to show up at the polls when you only have 20-25 percent showing up. But in this case, across the whole metro area we tended to see candidates who were supportive of public education, supportive of all schools and that we’re working to reunite or bring communities back together were the ones who prevailed on Tuesday.”

jason glass Jeffco Schools Superintendent Talks Changes In Schools

Jason Glass (credit: CBS)

“One of the things that continually comes up in Colorado is this issue of school choice and are we for or against charter schools, are we for or against neighborhood schools? I think that oversimplifies the issue and that we really should be working to be supportive of all of our schools,” said Glass. “We’ve got public school kids in all of these schools and we should be thinking about how we can make them all successful rather than try to pit them or divide them against one another.”

“Some of the skills required in these technical jobs are not that different than the kind of skills you would acquire in college. I think the lines are getting more and more blurred around what you really need to be successful in this lightning-fast, global economy. Things like critical thinking, problem solving, collaborating with others, being about to take on a problem that evolves and changes over time, these are things that everybody is going to need to be successful in this economy.”


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