COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – The Colorado Springs Police Department is investigating a man’s claims that officers violated his First Amendment rights.

Terrell Clayton posted a video of his encounter on YouTube, and it went viral.

co springs police confrontation 6sotvo transfer frame 127 Man Records Police, Files Formal Complaint

(credit: CBS)

Clayton admits he purposely went to the station with a camera to see how officers would respond.

“The whole reason for me doing this, is to hold police accountable for the laws they’re enforcing. My initial reason for posting this video was to get the public aware of what’s going on,” Clayton said.

springs police confrontation 6sot transfer frame 495 Man Records Police, Files Formal Complaint

Terrell Clayton (credit: CBS)

Less than 10 minutes into the video, Clayton is put in the back of a cruiser and an officer takes his phone away.

In the end, Clayton was let go, but he filed a formal complaint against the department on Monday.

The Colorado Springs Police Department said in a statement, “It takes the security of officers and the public very seriously… The Internal Affairs Division is now looking into Clayton’s complaint.”

Comments (6)
  1. What’s going on is idiots like clayton are harassing the police in order to become internet stars. In turn this is reported as “news.”

    1. Mike Hager says:

      You incorrect. What is happening is that these corrupt criminals in cop costumes are willfully and knowledgeably breaking the laws they should enforce. the only way you can hold anyone other then the criminal cops responsible is simply an idiot who does not understand what this great secular republic means and stands for.

      1. What we have is a bunch of spoiled kids purposely drawing attention to themselves in order to become UTube stars. Then we have the same group of idiots coming on board making claims of how corrupt the cops are. It’s a set up. A con played on the people. Fortunately, the people aren’t that stupid. Most of them anyway. Some prefer their childish games. Carry on my friend.

      2. To show an example of my earlier comment…Have you ever even been to Colorado, or are you an out of state agitator?

      3. Going back to the roots of this movement, it appears to be coming from the radical right. Would that be accurate?

    2. What we have is a badge bunny making excuses for corrupt cops.

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