DENVER (AP) — Denver will set aside $200,000 to help immigrants facing deportation or other proceedings.

City councilors voted 9-4 Monday night to create a legal defense fund for immigrants, including those living in the country illegally.

Earlier this year Mayor Michael Hancock proposed using $100,000 from a contingency fund for that purpose. Besides doubling the amount, city councilors also voted to create a specific line item for the defense fund.

Hancock’s spokeswoman, Jenna Espinoza, says the mayor will accept the budget changes.

A panel is studying how the fund will work and how the money will be distributed.

The city’s entire budget faces a final vote on Nov. 13.

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  1. Glenn Rogers says:

    I hope it is coming out of the politicians money.better not be coming out of our money.But o well trump will fix this state after the !st just like Calif. This is nothing but little Calif. now use to be a great state but just a trash state now.

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