Faces of Cancer: Joe Beal

(CBS4) – Joe Beal’s son is a proud guy.

“He doesn’t stop, he’s always been that way,” said Cliff Beal. Joe’s been dealing with cancer again lately. It started when he was out of state. He was in Arizona helping a relative with her own cancer diagnosis. That ended with her passing. Joe found out he had prostate cancer in the midst of it and started the process of dealing with the difficulty. But he had a lot of energy in reserve. Joe was a marathoner and has always been super fit.

joe beal 1 Marathoner In Marathon Fight Against Cancer

Joe Beal (credit: CBS)

Joe is one of the faces of cancer in Colorado. We’re trying to tell their stories to show there’s a lot more to people with cancer. And we want them to know we stand with them in their fight.

I’ve been taking part in No Shave November to raise a little money to fight cancer. It’s hit my own family hard. There’s a donation link below if you want to add to it.

Others describe Joe as someone who would help others anytime. He had a long and successful career with Storage Tek. As a Vice President, his dedication was legendary. Many old clients are still friends even after retirement.

joe beal 3 Marathoner In Marathon Fight Against Cancer

Joe Beal (credit: CBS)

He came back to Colorado and took up residence in Windsor. He still loves to hunt and get outside. Joe has run some of the big marathons, including Boston. He took first in his division once in Phoenix. He goes to the gym every day.

“He’s 6’2 and probably 170,” said his son Cliff. “I’m 6’5″ and he’d probably kick my ____.”

He’s tough.

Cancer may be effecting Joe Beal, but it doesn’t own him. We wanted to let him know we’re thinking about him. And let you know there’s a lot more to him.

Here’s a link to Alan’s No Shave November page as he raises money and awareness to fight cancer: no-shave.org/member/agionet


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