Faces Of Cancer: David Mangum

By Alan Gionet

(CBS4) – Well-known rave disc Jockey David Mangum knows what fun is all about.

“I’ve been making people dance for going on three decades now,” he told me. He has a lot of friends — all over.

He’s played music in 40 states. He’s been in a handful of foreign countries.

“I’ve got a lot of people to love right now.” They’ve been supportive after David’s diagnosis with colorectal cancer earlier this year.

dj Rave DJ Working Out Message On His Cancer

(credit: CBS)

I know that cancer. My mother had it and beat it. It killed my brother. His name was David too. His diagnosis was much later than David Mangum’s. It’s a tough slog through treatment and having support is a big deal. That’s why we gave David a word of support this morning.

It’s part of my No Shave November Campaign. I’m trying to raise money and awareness about cancer and the people who are dealing with it.

David Mangum was having stomach trouble earlier this year. Doctors thought it might be a blockage. He was about the head to Las Vegas where he and fiancé Noemi Liwag were going to get married. No said doctors. He needed an immediate operation. He got hit with a lot at once.

“It’s bad to get your first diagnosis and you’re already at Stage IV.” The operation put him in the hospital for 17 days. As he lay in his hospital bed, his father was losing his own struggle with colon cancer that has spread through his body.

“Saying goodbye to my Dad on Facetime, while I’m thankful for the technology, was rough,” David softly observed.

He had low points, but pulled out of it. A lot of help from Noemi and the people around him.

All those friends through the years. All those people he helped to have fun; some of that came back. Right now friends in Arizona are planning a benefit concert. David is delivering a message about getting checked for colon cancer; get checked. Colon cancer is 100 percent curable when it’s caught early. David notes that for guys his age in his 50s, it’s a big deal.

“I’m like, look guys, this is your time, get checked.”

He’s trying to keep working and he still delivers great music. He’s playing the Lincoln Street Lounge Nov. 11. He has a scan this afternoon and he’s looking at more chemo Friday. “I hope for good news today.” We just want him to know we’re with him. Good luck David. You have friends. Lots of friends.

Want to help beat cancer? Here is a link to my No Shave November site: no-shave.org/member/agionet

Alan Gionet is anchor of CBS4 This Morning and reports on a wide variety of issues and “Good Question” stories. He started at CBS4 in 1994. Follow Alan on Twitter @AlanGTV or on Facebook.


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