By Karen Morfitt

DENVER (CBS4) – Denver homeowners are reporting having more run-ins with raccoons recently, but pest experts say the numbers are not unusual.

“This time of year, raccoons a lot of the time breaking into attics. They don’t hibernate but they will lay low when it gets cold,” said Dave Aaccashian, who owns and operates AGD Varmint Control in Denver.

Melody Hodges had two encounters with a raccoon.

“This time I saw the raccoon and it was huge,” Hodges said on Friday.

It happened while she was taking her 14 pound chihuahau Amisi outside before bed. Amisi ran under the vine covered patio, straight into racoon territory.

“I heard all of this barking and growling and hissing and there was a fight going,” she said. “My heart fell out.”

Hodges says Amisi escaped with only her pride wounded.

Accashian says when it comes to raccoons, he has seen it all. And the biggest problem is dog doors.

“Dog doors, those are a bad deal actually,” he laughed. “I have had many ‘coons come strolling through the dog door at 2 in the morning, it’s a common occurrence. I get the phone calls.”

raccoon 2 Warning For Homeowners: More Raccoon Run Ins Likely This Time Of Year

CBS4’s Karen Morfitt interviews Dave Aaccashian. (credit: CBS)

He says the best way to keep raccoons from targeting your home is to remove any food source, secure your trash cans and bring in the bird feeders. He also suggests feeding your pets inside and then closing that dog door.

“It’s all obvious stuff when you think about it … and then you’re going to minimize your chances to see a guy like me,” Accashian chuckled.

Karen Morfitt joined the CBS4 team as a reporter in 2013. She covers a variety of stories in and around the Denver metro area. Connect with her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter @karenmorfitt or email her tips.


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