BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – A couple in Boulder says they found a man playing a guitar in their living room early Sunday morning. The couple lives on 15th and Pine Streets.

Court documents state the lights in the resident’s home were on and the door was unlocked. The couple heard a thump downstairs and their dog started to growl.

The man told investigators he walked downstairs to find a man, Richard Sheppard, playing the guitar on the couch. The resident said “Hello,” to which the suspect responded, “I live across the street,” and “Sorry.”

richard sheppard from boulderco so Homeowners Find Intruder Playing Guitar On Their Couch

Richard Sheppard (credit: Boulder County Sheriff’s Office)

Court documents state the man walked out of the home and was spotted by police near 17th and Spruce Streets.

Sheppard told police he was never in anyone’s house, and he was trying to find his van on the University of Colorado’s east campus and he lived on 12th Street.

Sheppard reportedly confessed to drinking hours earlier.

Police say they found a tube of pink lipstick with Sheppard, which the residents of the home say was in their car, which was also unlocked.

Sheppard is expected to be arraigned on burglary and trespassing charges on Wednesday.


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