DENVER (CBS4) – A series of tweets from the Denver Sheriff’s Fraternal Order of Police has officials concerned.

(credit: CBS)

The tweets mentioned a “vicious” inmate on inmate assault in holding cells at a courthouse in Denver on Friday.

(credit: CBS)

Now, Denver police are investigating how the fight started.

A spokesperson for the sheriff’s department told CBS4 in a statement:

“The Denver Sheriff Department cares about the safety of employees and the inmates in its care and work is underway to better understand the type and frequency of assaults that occur in its facilities. It can be difficult to manage those who are incarcerated and the department is committed to providing staff with the necessary tools and resources to help them be successful. All employees receive de-escalation training and the department is working with the National Institute of Corrections to identify additional training tools that will further support employees’ ability to manage inmates.”

(credit: CBS)

The F.O.P. went on to say in tweets that officers have lost all confidence in the Department of Public Safety and the sheriff.


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