By Joel Hillan

ARVADA (CBS4) – For Seth and Josh Larson, music is everything.

brothers Brothers, Bandmates Step In To Save Family Business

Seth and Josh Larson (credit: CBS)

They grew up singing with their family in church. Later they formed the band Something Underground, playing at venues from the Soiled Dove to Red Rocks.

For several years the two made a living primarily through their music, but then fate would call on the brothers to save the family business.

“I came in on a part-time basis, they needed some help with customer service and order entry. Josh came in on a few marketing projects and quickly we realized that the company had been in really tough shape since the collapse of the economy in 2008,” Seth said.

something underground Brothers, Bandmates Step In To Save Family Business

(credit: Something Underground)

So much so that they were down to just three employees. Their father Steve who ran the business even suffered a heart attack.

S&H Products Inc. in Arvada is the leading supplier of nozzles and valves to the U.S. Forest Service.

sh 1 Brothers, Bandmates Step In To Save Family Business

(credit: CBS)

Josh and Seth admit that at first they didn’t know what they were doing, but like any good musician, leaned on the standards.

“We can apply a lot of the things we’ve learned in music and doing the band for so many years right here, we talk about it all the time,” said Josh.

Principles like communication, business savvy and harmony.

“I’ve always appreciated that they’ve worked well together. There has really been very little acrimony and difficulty within our family which is somewhat unusual I think for a small business,” said Steve.

Now the company has over 40 employees. A business in crescendo.

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