DENVER (CBS4) – About 14 thousand runners will participate in the Transamerica Rock ‘n’ Roll Denver Half Marathon. Two runners will start at the back of the pack, and raise money for the fight against heart disease with every person they pass.

Dichele Jackson and Alex Behm has been training for the half marathon for months.

Dichele Jackson & Alex Behm (credit CBS)

“The most I’ve ever done is a 5K, I believe,” Jackson told CBS4.

“I actually ran last year,” Behm said.

Not only are the two going for 13.1 miles, but they’re running as Transamerica Go-Givers.

“I will be starting at the very end of the race and for every person I pass through the race, towards the end, Transamerica will donate $1.00 to the American Heart Association,” Jackson explained.

“It’s definitely going to be a lot of dodging people especially at the beginning,” Behm told CBS4.

Behm ran as a Go-Giver last year.

“I hit my goal at 2-hours last year, so I’m looking to improve upon that, just to make sure that training is paying off,” Behm explained.

Jackson has a very personal reason for running.

“Within the last years, I’ve lost two of my uncles to heart attacks, at 49 and the age of 52,” she said.

(credit CBS)

She hopes to raise more than $2,000. The Go-Givers program fits into Transamerica’s mission to promote healthy, wealthy lifestyles, a philosophy both these runners take to heart.

“I like having kind of a health goal set, or a goal for myself set so that I keep training and stay on my game,” Behm said.

“I just really want to lead a long life for my daughter, and want to kind of inspire my family, especially my dad, those were his brothers, to stay strong and have a strong heart,” Jackson said.

When you see these Go-Giver t-shirts out on the course, know that they’re passing you for a good cause.


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