LEADVILLE, Colo. (CBS4)– Is it a bear? No, is it a cow? Wrong again.

A Bigfoot prank in Leadville is catching a lot of unsuspecting trail users off guard.

(credit: CBS)

“Like stopped me in my tracks,” Leadville Today publisher Kathy Bedell told CBS4.

The Bigfoot along the Mineral Belt Trail that circles town showed up randomly one night.

(credit: CBS)

“I came around the corner, it stopped my heart” Bedell says.

She walks the path daily and believes there are now several of the 9-foot wooden Bigfoot installations around the area.

(credit: CBS)

Locals are laughing now- but this bigfoot prank had some folks a little spooked at first sight.

“I thought it was a bear, I immediately started to stop put a little bit distance between me and it. It’s big, it’s sizable… it looks like it’s eight or 9 feet tall,” Bedell added.

(credit: CBS)

The random Bigfoot is part of an organized grid. Bigfoots plopped and left for hikers and bikers to discover.

The mastermind of this prank at 10,200 feet altitude says it’s meant to make people smile. The prankster did not want to be identified.

(credit: CBS)

“I think they’re just having a little bit of fun at a time when we all need it,” Bedell added.

Exploring Leadville anytime soon? Be warned, you may not be alone.