STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – City officials in Steamboat Springs are considering a $1 lift ticket price at the city-owned ski area Howelsen Hill, the Steamboat Today reports.

(credit: Shannon Lukens)

The idea is to bring more nordic and downhill skiers to the hill, which is located right near the mountain town’s downtown area. It might be a price that’s only available to people who live nearby and it might instead be the fee for everyone.

“This could conceivably make a pretty big splash in the ski industry,” city official Craig Robinson told Steamboat Today. “We could be busy. We could be real busy.”

The Women’s 15K Classic event at the 2016 NCAA Men and Women’s Skiing Championships held at the Howelsen Hill Ski Area in Steamboat Springs. (credit: Jamie Schwaberow/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

The thought is it could possibly generate more revenue through concession sales.

(credit: CBS)

However, there is a concern that the ski hill would just lose money if they needed to increase staffing to meet the extra demand.

The city manager plans on discussing the proposal with the Winter Sports Club leaders, since they are the primary users of the ski area.

Howelsen Hill is one of Colorado’s smallest recreational ski areas. Steamboat ski resort is also located in Steamboat Springs.