DENVER (CBS4) –  A new exhibit opening at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science will offer dinosaur lovers a hands-on prehistoric experience.

Ultimate Dinosaurs exhibit at Denver Museum of Nature and Science (credit: CBS)

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Ultimate Dinosaurs goes beyond familiar dinosaurs to showcase some of the most spectacular and unusual fossils unearthed from around the world.

(credit: CBS)

Joe Sertich is the Curator of Dinosaurs, who helped discover some of the fossils in the field.

“They look strange. They have bizarre skulls, they have humps, frills… they’re just totally weird foreign dinosaurs,” said Sertich.

Joe Sertich (credit: CBS)

It includes the mighty Majungasaurus, a beast that would have scared the T-Rex.

Majungasaurus (credit: CBS)

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“This dinosaur is really the thing of nightmares,” said CBS4’s Stan Bush during a sneak peek at the exhibit.

“Oh yeah, it’s got one of the biggest skulls, it’s as long as a T-Rex, it can move fast … it could take down anything it wanted,” said Sertich.

In addition to the fossil displays, Ultimate Dinosaurs puts interactive tools in the hands of visitors. Screens using “augmented reality” technology show what the dinos may have looked like when they were alive hundreds of millions of years ago.

Augmented Reality display at Ultimate Dinosaurs exhibit (credit: CBS)

There are also 3D printers recreating bones, and visitors can even try their hand at uncovering fossils.

(credit: CBS)

The museum promises a fully immersive experience, with something for the young, the old and the ones who forgot to grow up.

CBS4’s Stan Bush getting “hands-on” at Ultimate Dinosaurs (credit: CBS)

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Ultimate Dinosaurs opens Oct. 6 and is included with the regular museum admission price. For ticket information, head to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science’s website.