CRAWFORDSVILLE, Ind. (CBS4) – This was not in the script.

Police officers shot live bullets at an actor playing a bank robber during a film shoot in Indiana on Tuesday.

Montgomery County Movies was filming a robbery scene at a brewery. Someone called 911 to report a possible robbery. When police got on scene, “a subject came out with a ski mask on carrying a handgun, and a shot was fired by police,” a statement from the Indiana State Patrol said.

The actor, Jim Duff, was “backing out of the door with the mask on and still holding the gun,” which was actually a prop.

The officers instructed Duff to drop the gun. A surprised Duff turned toward the officers, according to ISP.

“The officers felt their lives were in danger and fired at the suspect. The subject dropped the gun and pulled off the mask while telling the officers this is a movie set.”

No one was hurt, but a bullet ricocheted off the building. The film crew was inside at the time, and was unaware of the confrontation.

Police said neither the studio nor the bar owners notified police or business owners the filming would take place.

State police are investigating both the incident and the police use of force.


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