By Kelly Werthmann

LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4)– A Lakewood mother was hospitalized after she was assaulted outside a movie theater.

It happened Tuesday night at the Century 16 Belmar theater. Heather Piper went to a movie with a couple friends where a small group of teens was allegedly “acting out of control.”

(credit: CBS)

“They were crawling over seats and yelling,” Piper said. “I asked them to be quiet several times and they wouldn’t and I finally yelled at them to ‘shush.’”

Despite her attempts to quiet the three teenagers, Piper said the group continued to act inappropriately. That’s when another movie-goer got a security guard to come into the theater and the teens behaved. Yet, when Piper left the theater with her friends, one of the raucous teens confronted her.

(credit: Heather Piper)

“She was screaming and just punched me on the side of the head,” Piper said.

Piper said her two friends ran inside to get help as the young woman continued to punch her.

CBS4’s Kelly Werthmann interviews Heather Piper (credit: CBS)

“I said, ‘What are you doing? What’s wrong with you?’ And she lost it. She started hitting me again and then started crying saying, ‘Well you called me ghetto,’” Piper said.

CBS4’s Kelly Werthmann asked Piper if she used those words in the theater and she said she “probably did.”

(credit: CBS)

Piper said she didn’t fight back against her attacker because she is a foster parent and didn’t want to jeopardize her license. Eventually the teen ran off and Piper was rushed to St. Anthony’s hospital in an ambulance. She has a fractured nose, several bruises and scratches.

(credit: Heather Piper)

“I had blood all over my face,” Piper said. “It was on my shirt all the way down to my shoes.”

Heather Piper (credit: CBS)

Lakewood police are investigating the assault and are reviewing surveillance video from the Belmar shopping center. Piper said her attacker is a young, heavyset black woman, possibly between the ages of 16 to 20.

Kelly Werthmann joined the CBS4 team as the morning reporter in 2012. After serving as weekend morning anchor, Kelly is now Covering Colorado First for CBS4 News at 10. Connect with Kelly on Facebook or follow her on Twitter @KellyCBS4.

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  1. John Smith says:

    Asking or expecting feral africans to act in a civilized manner is racist and a prime example of micro aggression and White privilege. This woman should be forcibly committed to a reeducation camp until she realizes that she problem and that the feral africans had every right to assault her, up to and including killing her. Then and only then will she come to realize that she is responsible for the enslavement of the magnificent africans over 150 years ago.

  2. Keith Maddox says:

    Shut all of you ignorant peeps! Woman deserved it, kids deserved it! She should have went to security and ask to have the teens sit down or removed and not try to be a bad ass herself! want to act a bad ass, get your ass whipped like a bad ass.! so shut up!

  3. Don McCoy says:

    Wait…a BLACK woman attacked someone!? NO WAY! I don’t believe it!!

    And then the interviewer says “well, DID you call her that (ghetto)?” as though it somehow excuses a physical attack…

  4. These aren’t teens. They act like animals.

  5. Tim McGee says:

    Obama created this… this is “resist”, this is Antifa, this is black lives matter, this is “yes we can”.
    He fomented such division on so many fronts that now his sycophants are acting out.
    Not possible you say? What book did Obama teach from in college? Rules for Radicals. Have you read Rules for Radicals? A large part of the strategy to convert a capitalist society into a socialism then communist society is agitated the lowest members of society into protests and chaos. To restore peace you impose more govt controls, step by step you dismantle a free society into one ran by govt officials who are SO much more intelligent than you or I(in their minds… just like those governing Russia…they know whats best for you even when it’s not).
    So it’s not a surprise you see so many “wilding out”… it has been the plan all along.

  6. Margaret Sanger clearly was on to something.

  7. It is so ridiculous for leftist main-stream media to hide the truth when everybody already knows the truth. Words like “teen” or “youth” of “young people” followed by “did this or that, attacked this or that,” might make them (media) feel smugly superior to the rest of us but they are aren’t. If you don’t name a problem, you cannot fix it. This story should have read thus: Out of control black teenage miscreant who feels entitled to be disruptive and disrespectful of others causes havoc in a movie theater, is verbally confronted over her unacceptable behavior and then, outside the theater, physically assaults that person in what appears to be a racially motivated attack after being called “ghetto.” She obviously believes that being called a name due to her earlier bad behavior justified an assault. This individual has shown a severe lack of control over her uncivilized behavior and has proven herself to be a threat to peaceful assembly.

  8. where’s james holmes when you need him?

    a “Dark Night” indeed!

  9. Brent Taylor says:

    See. If they would just quit discriminating and hire “Colon,” Kaepernick, everything would be okay. /s

    All they want is justice. And a measure of blood.

  10. Dale Warren says:

    One of their own and a trained sociologist, Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan tried to warn radical, alt-Left, anti-American, socialist, Progressive Democrats back in the 1960s that the party’s philosophy, policies, and practices were destroying the African-American family, culture, and community. They turned a deaf ear to his insightful suggestions. Can radical, alt-left, anti-American, socialist, Progressive Democrats hear Moynihan now?

  11. another episode of feral thugs behaving badly

  12. It’s time to go huntin’ down some ni66gers!

  13. Hugh Tjardon says:

    Clearly ill-bred, ill-behaved, unassimilated blacks need severe correction. Severe.

  14. My god the comments on this are chilling. White people, who have the least reason to be frightened, are using eugenics, a junk science promoted by the Nazi party, to rally other white people to get ready for the race war. It has been predicted since 1865, and the only race wars have been against the black community. The fact that this happened is horrible, but the fact that the perpetrator was black is like a winning racist lottery ticket to you people. When I say “you people”, I refer to white people with very limited world experience and low education. People who never looked beyond their own insulated community and the experience of those surrounding them. This is an incubator for fear, always has been regardless of the race or geography.

    1. Eric, with a bullsh!t attitude like that, YOU’RE gonna need killin’ too!

      1. Did you just threaten my life, just want to be clear about that.

  15. Behold the beauty of white genocide! Isn’t it great!?! She called her “ghetto” so she deserves getting beaten! Of course let’s not mention the race of the perpetrators because that would be racist! We all know that even when white people are the victims they are still the criminals! Blacks cannot be racist, only “prejudice” you see! And going around punching white people is not a crime, it is a sport called “The Knock Out Game” or “Polar Bear Hunting” Wheee!!!! OK everybody, turn on your TV and watch ROOTS one more time!!! ROOTS is a 100% accurate and balanced view of the history of slavery!!! Just ask Wolf Blitzer!

  16. “Teens.” LOL. We all know what that mediaspeak term means now, don’t we?

  17. Richard Frey says:

    Denver has always been dominated by Liberals and Black Folks all living large in the City and Liberals just up the Hill in Boulder and Golden…….Not many BLM people up there!!! With the same kind of Liberal Elected Officials as Chicago and Detroit……the Management and Direction of this Town is very Predictable!!!……The U.S. Government has a Lot invested in Denver and Colorado so it will take a while for it to Fail, but………..Failure is inevitable………….

  18. Civilized people need to restore civility by being temporarily uncivilized in the face of incivility.

  19. Fred Doe says:

    The lack of a description of the assailant confirms what everyone knew immediately upon reading the headline.

  20. Tim Mcgauley says:

    More of Mr. O’s kids. He really has a big family…. And many of them act deplorable justlike he does….

  21. Poppy Cronin says:

    “A group of teens” my arse, it was bunch of niggards, acting the way niggards act.

  22. I knew before I clicked on the link…we all knew.

  23. Wayne Piercy says:

    A word of advice ladies and gentlemen. Don’t try bossing people around if you cant back it up. Go get security or ask for you money back.

  24. Wayne Piercy says:

    The “teen” needs to be charged with aggravated assault and spend a year in prison. But, the libs will probably give the attacker a award and the key to the city.

  25. Your an idiot for going to movies, malls, and Savage Land where the sub-human animals run wild. And telling them to be quiet and act human, you must be an idealistic Leftist? Your not on the “campus” anymore, welcome to the real world.

  26. “group of teens” ………uh huh

  27. Con Nod says:

    Most likely these are young republicans, working their way up in the ranks of white supremacy, wearing notzi armbands, NRA patches on their black hoodies, their “Make America Great Again” baseball caps on backwards, and holding miniature replica statues of Robert E. Lee.

  28. Oh the audacity! To expect to watch a movie in a public theater in peace and quiet? How unreasonable! Whenever the newscasters fail to include a description of the “teen” or “the group of teens” from the beginning of the story, one knows precisely the skin color of the miscreants. Talk about the pendulum having swung too far the opposite direction from 70 years ago! Blacks, through the power and protection of liberal media and government, have intimidated everyone else into silence and after eight years of Barry Soetoro, somehow have the notion they can do anything they want with impunity. And for the most part, get away with it. But remember, the victim was attacked because she’s a racist. Because you see, any attempt on the part of anyone who dares to criticize blacks or American black culture, or attempts to correct outrageous, uncivil, or violent behavior of blacks, or who dares point out the fact that THE single most racist group in America today is blacks, well that makes one a racist evidently. I hope “the teen” is identified, prosecuted criminally, incarcerated, then sued civilly by the victim.

  29. Smith Sjohn says:

    Headline I look forward to:
    “Violent ‘teens’ shot after attacking innocent white family”…………

  30. Rob Lynn says:

    Blacks ruin everything.

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